Cage of Crows

Pretty. Dark. Blue. Gothic blues and alt-folk with a hint of jazz.




Listen to some of our songs...

A small selection of our original songs can be streamed from our Bandcamp account, wher you can also purchase digital downloads and merchandise. "Demons" is released on all major streaming platforms on 1st May 2023.

So please: Listen, enjoy, spread the word!
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Details of upcoming shows...

We've got a busy schedule this year, with more dates in the pipeline - Follow this link for details of where and when you can see us live.



Our debut EP is released 1st May 2023.

Between live shows, rehearsals and composing new material for our listeners, we've recorded our debut EP. It's released on all major digital platforms on 1st May 2023, and is available for pre-sales now.


Welcome to our music!

Dark, spellbinding alt-folk.

Cage of Crows are two musicians who are also both songwriters. We prefer performing our own original music but we also like to add our own style to various blues/jazz/goth/alt-folk covers.