Cage of Crows merchandise & gig tickets:

Gig Tickets:

Tickets to paid events are linked to from our events page. Many of these are small festivals, storytelling events or full day or evening events, and represent excellent value for money.


Demons EP:

We're super-excited about our debut EP "Demons". It features twenty five minutes of original music - five Cage of Crows songs - recorded and engineered at Mount View Studios. Released on 1st May 2023 "Demons" is available on all major digital platforms and on CD. You can purchase a CD by visiting our Bandcamp page at or using the PayPal link below - please be sure to slect the correct postage option. If you're in the UK, you also have the option of purchasing a CD in person (so no postage costs) at one of our gigs.

Pre-sales will ship to arrive as close to the release date as possible.

We've really enjoyed putting the EP together for you, we're sure you'll enjoy listening to it. xx